Sunday, January 26, 2014

Detroit Free Press' Mitch Albom Touts Chiropractic Care

Compares Return of Pavel Datsyuk to a Chiropractic Adjustment !

In the June 6, 2009, edition of the Detroit Free Press, inter-nationally renowned and best-selling author, journalist, screen-writer, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician– and Freep sports columnist – Mitch Albom compared the return of Detroit Red Wings Center Pavel Datsyuk to a chiropractic adjustment. “But his presence was like a chiropractic adjustment for the Wings; it put steam in their stride,” Albom wrote in a column after the Wings won game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Professional athletes have long been one of chiropractic care’s biggest proponents. NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice is the latest athlete to come out for chiropractic through the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Other prominent athletes who have promoted chiropractic or credited its use in improving their performance include: former San Francisco 49er Roger Craig; New York Yankee outfielder Johnny Damon; NFL Hall of Famer New York Giant Harry Carson; and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. Many professional sports franchises have a DC on staff; in fact, 31 of the 32 NFL teams employ a chiropractor as part of the triage in managing and preventing injuries (including the Detroit Lions, whose team chiropractor, Dr. Sol Cogan, is a longtime MAC member who currently serves as Chair of the Michigan Board of Chiropractic). Only one team does not publicly admit to using chiropractic care - the Oakland Raiders. Many NBA, NHL, and college teams also regularly provide chiropractic care for their athletes.
1.) Google Images 
2.) Michigan Association of Chiropractors Journal; July 2009, Page 18


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